Houdini Activist - Débardeur - rouge 648020 Rwr234ub

Houdini Activist - Débardeur - rouge 648020 Rwr234ub
Houdini Activist - Débardeur - rouge 648020 Rwr234ub
Modèle : Rwr234ub
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Tank top base layer in Activist TreeMerino made from the perfect mix of nature’s own performance materials. Activist Top has a slim cut, medium shoulder straps and a low neckline, and can be worn as either a first layer or as a garment on its own. Comfort seams placed in non-friction areas will allow you to feel comfortable whilst doing sports and other activities. This thin, durable base layer will perform just as well whilst traveling in warmer climates as it will on the ski slope or during a hike.

If you are looking for a base layer that will keep you dry and comfortable no matter what, and also will last for many, many years, this is definitely what you’re looking for.

Activist TreeMerino
The Activist TreeMerino is a combination of Tencel fiber and merino wool that gives you a base that is soft rather than itchy, that will keep you cool when you are warm, and that will provide warmth when it’s chilly. It provides you excellent microclimate control, effective vapor-transmission and keeps unpleasant odors at bay. It is naturally anti-bacterial and anti-static.

Informations supplémentaires
  • En tissu Activist TreeMerino confortable, 170 g/m²
  • naturellement antistatique et anti-odeurs
  • Nous vous conseillons de choisir votre taille habituelle Voir le tableau des tailles
  • Vêtement près du corps, taillé pour les athlètes.

Tee-Shirt Type : sans manches | Utilisation : sport de montagne | couches de vêtements : couche de base / couche fonctionnelle | Matériaux : 60% wool, 40% lyocell
Saison pour toute l'année
Matériaux Séchage rapide : oui
Équipement - : col rond
Dimensions Poids : 90 g
Genre Femmes
Année modèle 2017
Référence produit 648020

Houdini Activist - Débardeur - rouge 648020 Rwr234ub

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